Book Review: The Song of the Phoenix


Finn de Danenn is on a quest to be king. Being the youngest of 36 children, Finn has also become quite desperate on his quests to be king.

When a stranger from a far off place shows up with an announcement that Finn has been chosen by a phoenix to be the new king of Dyre, he is quickly on his way to accept his throne. What he doesn’t expect is a castle filled with runaway princess’s, witches, and a lost crown.

When Lucia learns that she is meant to be apart of an important adventure with the new king, her loyalty to the old king Aldon holds her back. Wanting to get it over with, she searches high and low for an adventure, hoping to be done with her involvement with Finn.

The Song of the Phoenix is a fun, fast paced read with charming characters. With only 103 pages, Amy Lemco has created a sweet love story wrapped around an intriguing castle, quirky individuals, magic, and a fantastic villain. My only wish is that it was longer, as I feel this could be a really amazing story if there was more depth and layers added to it. The Song of the Phoenix is an amusing adventure from the first page to the last!

I was given a copy by the author in exchange for my honest review. 

Get it here:

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