Book Review: Grey Stone

                                                       And now, o king, we meet at last                                                         Shadows all and ghosts long past.


Grey Stone is the story of two unlikely allies, a world where the ranking of creatures may surprise you, and finding the courage to do what is right.

In Pietre’s universe, humans are on the bottom of the ranking system. Above them are dogs, above the dogs are wolves, and at the top and rulers are the Veranderen (better known as werewolves at one time, but now have the power to shift on command). When the young boy Pietre and his family take in a dying dog’s young pup, it sets course for a prophecy told for thousands of years. Pietre’s father is accused of illegally owning the pup, and is sentenced to death until the king Veranderen Crespin learns of his skill at weapon making. Now escaping death, he must make the tools the Veranderen will need in the upcoming Motteral Mal competition. It is during this time that his father in imprisoned that Pietre learns the a rebellion growing against the king. Will he be brave enough to fight for what he knows will make his world better? Can he work with those that he has been told all his life to avoid and be frightened of?

Grey Stone is the perfect coming of age, adventure book to me. I could feel the characters courage and strength build while I was reading, and it made me want to root for them the entire time. the world building authors Jean Knight Pace and Jacob Kennedy create is really amazing. I found the rankings between species and the idea of language between them so interesting. Grey Stone has humor, sadness, revenge, and adventure. I highly recommend!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.