Book Review: Article Three

Trust will get you killed – And trust will keep you alive


Article Three is a dystopian novel set in a time where the government is now called the System, and it controls you from the moment you are born until the day you’re put in the ground.

Those fighting the System are called the Resistance, and they’re secretly everywhere. Levi knows this, his sister is apart of them. When she doesn’t come home after a mission, he knows something must have gone terribly wrong. Now on his own mission to save her, he travels to her headquarters for help.

Ava doesn’t have a memory that doesn’t include hiding from, and fighting the System. When she is put in charge of rescuing Lo from centre, the place where she was trying to extract information from, Ava knows this is what she needs to prove herself to her superiors.

Along with the help from fellow rebel Leymah, Ava and Levi disembark on a journey that will challenge friendships, emotions, and will power.

Article Three is a Swedish novel, the first in a planned trilogy by author Anna Jakobsson Lund, and has been recently translated into English. This book was so well written, I was constantly engaged in the story. Each character is thought out, and has their own distinguished personality. The main protagonists have great back stories, and I found a piece in all of them I could relate to. The story line is really complex and has a lot of exciting components, easily making me want to continue the series! There’s aspects of this world that I’ve never seen in a dystopian book before, which is really refreshing and fun. I highly recommend Article Three!

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review

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