Book Review:The Earth Key

“Once you instill fear there’s no limit to the power you can wield.”



Kata Waylon is the Impossible Girl. Referred to as a legend in her society, she is prophesied to be the one that will set them free from the Imminent Darkness, an ancient force that is obsessed with controlling the remaining people of the human race.

When Ka first learned of her identity as the Impossible Girl in book one of the Elementals, Army of Fire, her world was flipped upside down. Discovering that you are the center of a myth that has been passed on for generations can do that. With the help of her boyfriend/protector Sloan, among others, Ka is on a mission to regain her strength in the form of five stones that she must possess and then destroy. Once that is done, she will strong enough to take on the Imminent Darkness, and restore balance to the universe.

The Earth Key is a fantastic second installment to the Elementals series. It was exciting, heartfelt, and full of action. Being able to look into the past and learn how it all started was very interesting, and helped build the books background and gave it a lot of depth. I loved the relationship between Ka and her mother, and the bonding and understanding that grew between them throughout the book. The fight against the Imminent Darkness gets more intense along the way, and author Jennifer L. Kelly does an amazing job of making the reader feel the urgency of what these characters are going through, and it’s a fun ride to be on.

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my review. 




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