Book Review: Riven

“How do you make someone believe you when the things you’re saying are insane?  Hopelessness trickles into my gut because I know: no matter what I say, no matter who I tell, I know this more than I’ve ever known anything: No One Will Believe Me.”


Riven is the gripping story of a teenage girl fighting to stay sane in an unwanted reality.

Emily’s hermit mother dwells in her upstairs bedroom struggling with a pill addiction, while her father has been in prison for the last 10 years, leaving the seventeen year old to parent her three younger siblings. Due to all the stress she is under, and the news that her father will soon be out of prison, Emily starts remembering the Seventh Kingdom, the magical world she created when she was younger.

It was sometimes hard to decipher which world Emily’s mind is in, but with the authors beautiful way of writing it works, and we know our main character is trying to understand it right along with us.  Jane Alvey Harris continues the story, giving hints to the reader of Emily’s past, through the imagined world she has made up. This isn’t a task many authors could do, and for it to be so well done is refreshing and compelling. This story is deep, and intense, it has themes not many YA books talk about. It’s heartbreaking to learn what Emily has endured, and to feel her get more and more lost and confused about what is happening to her is devastating. Through the sadness and struggling though, there is hope. Emily is a strong character determined to stay and fight for her siblings, and I found myself rooting for her along the way. The Seventh Kingdom is extensive, and fascinating in its detail and wide range of characters, and realizing the connections between the first and second realms is brilliant.

Riven is an engrossing tale of abuse, inner strength, and a girl wanting nothing more than to protect the ones she loves.

I was given a copy of Riven by the author for my honest review.

Riven is the first book in the My Myth series

Get it here->

Authors website->


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