Free Bookmarks!

A few weeks ago I was browsing around on Pinterest when I found a link for free bookmarks! I printed them out right away and I love them, the quotes are perfect, and the water colors are bright and cheery. Most of the quotes come from famous authors, and there is even a #bibliophile one which is super fun! They print off into a total of 3 pages, and you get 14 new bookmarks!

TIP: After I printed them I covered them in self-adhesive laminating sheets so they’re protected and not so flimsy. I found a pack of 10 sheets on Amazon for a pretty good price! Also, I would suggest not cutting them until after they are laminated, I made the mistake of cutting the smaller ones first and it was not easy lining them up on the laminating sheet.


Here’s both links for them, enjoy!

Free Watercolor Bookmarks

For bookness sake


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